Study: Men Notice Fingernail Polish Once Every Six Years


(Study) A new study released by the Society of Gender Research┬áthis month reveals that, unless a woman brings it up, the average male will only notice fingernail polish on a female once every six years. “6.2 years, to be exact,” according to Daniel Henderson, who documented the findings for SGR in the July, 2015 edition of its monthly journal. “The information is fascinating considering that fingernail polish is a two billion dollar a year industry.”

Completely Healthy-Looking Employee Spotted At A ‘Whole Foods’ Market


(Research) A completely healthy-looking employee was spotted working behind the counter at a Whole Foods Market located in Denver, Colorado on Friday. Toby Davis, 23, reported the sighting while at the store buying fruit but did not catch the cashier’s name.

“I was too tripped out,” explained Davis, “Michelle maybe? Mary? I think her name started with an ‘M'”.

Davis, a college student who resides in the Denver area, said that the cashier not only looked fully-hydrated, but that “it was as if she had been getting an entirely proper amount of vitamins, proteins, nutrients, and minerals.” Davis continued: “This is uncommon in my experience. Usually, the employees (at Whole Foods) look unhealthy. Gaunt. It could partially be the lighting at my location, but they sometimes appear jaundiced.”

Whole Foods is a grocery chain renowned for its selection of food products deemed to be healthier than the types of items one would find in most other major grocery stores. Therefore, it may not be surprising that sightings like this are becoming more common. Last month, three healthy-looking employees were noticed working at the same time at a Whole Foods in Rancho Cucamonga, California.