Coolio “Sighting” in Pancake at Victorville Denny’s


(Local) Breakfast-goers got an unexpected surprise on Monday when the image of 90’s hip-hop legend Coolio (real name Leon Ivy Jr.) was spotted in a pancake at a Denny’s in Victorville, California. The Coolio “sighting” was the first of its kind in San Bernardino County and caused a minor stir, as about ten onlookers gathered around the table anxious to see if the claim was true.

“It’s him, alright,” insisted Tommy Grume, 43, who had himself ordered the flapjack. “Look! He’s wearing those sunglasses that he always used to wear! If you don’t see it, you’re blind. Or stupid. Just look!”

While the line cooks declined to comment, the on-duty manager emphatically shook her head ‘no’ when we asked her if there was anything unique about how that particular pancake was made.

While Grume was “absolutely certain” it that Coolio’s image was clearly visible in his meal, most of those present disagreed, and did not even see the need to make a big deal out of any of it.

“Come on, get real,” griped Snyder Beenly, a regular and longtime patron. “Ain’t nothing there to see.”

Grume was arrested at the same Denny’s in July for possession of methamphetamine.






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