Blonde Claims ‘Hair Discrimination’ for Not Getting Hired at Chinese Restaurant


(News) According to court papers filed Wednesday, college student Colette Asbury claims that she did not get hired at Golden Panda III due to the color of her hair. “I’m more than qualified for the job. I noticed that everyone who works there is brunette. So it’s my hair. It’s the only thing I can figure. Um, I’m no law student, but I am pretty sure that’s called discrimination.” While Asbury is adamant about following through with her case, and is asking for $1.6 million dollars in damages for “emotional distress”, experts doubt that it will hold up in court.  Jay Berg, a public defender who resides near Sandpoint, Idaho, where the incident took place, explains:  “She likely doesn’t have a case. The law won’t recognize hair discrimination. The lone exception is where an employee’s hair style is related to a religious belief. Ms. Asbury has not voiced any convictions of this sort. Were that the case, an employer would be wise to consider reasonable accommodations to avoid a claim of religious discrimination. No one from Golden Panda III returned calls for this story.

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