ISIS Reluctantly Claims Responsibility for Mark Wahlberg’s Latest Action Movie


(World) According to reports out of London early Thursday, ISIS has claimed full responsibility for “Mile 22”, the most recent Mark Wahlberg film. The declaration came a whole two months after the film’s August 17 release due to “some embarrassment involved”, according to an unnamed inside source. “After we saw the finished product, we realized it was actually much worse than we had anticipated. We knew it was bad, because of its cast and its paper-thin script. But before it went through its final editing stages there was no way to really gauge just how lousy it was going to be.”

“I thought it might be pretty good because it had received some lukewarm reviews,” cried one moviegoer at a cineplex in Troy, NJ, “which is above average for (Wahlberg’s) films.”

This is a developing story. Check back for more details.

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