Golden Retriever Mauls Toddler

(News) A pit bull named “Golden Retriever” viciously attacked a two-year-old boy in a California park on Sunday, animal welfare officials said. The dog, described an an un-mathew-janzen-311342-unsplashneutered male pit bull, attacked the boy as he was playing just several feet away from his parents, who were hosting a family picnic in La Verne, California. The attack happened just before 1 p.m. Sunday, officials told KPSR. The child was taken to a local hospital.


Photo by Mathew Janzen on Unsplash


If an owner comes forward, the victims could file a dangerous dog complaint, which would put the case before a judge. The judge would decide whether to euthanize the animal, or require the owner to neuter the dog in addition to other conditions, Gary said.

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