Man Mistakes All Gender Restroom For AA Meeting Hall


(Local News) Santa Barbara resident, “Mike F” caused a world of confusion at a local Starbucks on Monday when he mistook a sign meant to denote a gender neutral bathroom instead for an ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ meeting hall. Staff members of the coffee chain were first alerted about the misunderstanding when several concerned patrons complained that there was a man refusing to leave the restroom.

“Are you a friend of Bill?” was all the man would say to anyone trying to use the facility, explained Jenna Corra, 29, of Summerland. “People were kinda freaking out.”

Mike, who did not give his last name because, “It’s called Alcoholics Anonymous for a reason, bro” said he just celebrated sixty days of abstinence and was confused by the address in the AA directory.

Alcoholics Anonymous uses the same symbol, a triangle inside of a circle, that now hangs on the door of the lavatory.

After spoken to by staff, Mike left without further incident, saying, “It’s all good. It is what it is.”

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