“Talk to your Kids Yoga” is Just Not Taking Off


(News) A form of yoga where you sit for an hour with your kids and actually talk to them is not taking off. The founder of the new practice, Clay Sky, 46, from the Yoga Health & Wealth Institute, believes he knows why.

“It’s hard,” said Sky, as he was finishing up a class that only had one person sign up, along with her fourteen year old daughter. “It takes a lot of strength and patience.”

Sky went on to explain that, with so many new forms of yoga currently in trend, he initially had high hopes.

“Hot Yoga. Goat Yoga. I thought people were up for basically anything. But it turns out talking to your kids for an hour is much more challenging than lying on your stomach with a baby goat on your back.”

Lynda Marx, who attended the class with her daughter Lexi, said she wouldn’t be back: “It was really hard. I didn’t have anything to say. Clay suggested before we began that I just ask her questions, but I just couldn’t think of any. So Lexi just sat there and stared at me. I was really uncomfortable. I eventually let her have her phone back. I felt way better after that.”

Despite the continuously low turnout, Sky isn’t closing his doors just yet. “People are getting stronger. Leaner. Better. I’m hoping that people will start considering this ‘next-level-yoga’, and begin participating.”



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