Millennial Baltimore Orioles Fan Already “Looking to Next Year”


(Sports) “They suck. Again. Honestly, I’m looking to next year.” It was the top of the sixth inning on opening day when Jacobi Scarsdale, 19, of Aberdeen, Maryland, completely lost interest in his favorite Major League Baseball team, The Baltimore Orioles. Down 6-2 to the New York Yankees, Scarsdale flatly declared that he’d already seen enough.

“I mean, they’ve only scored twice, and the other team has scored way more.”

When Scarsdale was reminded that the game was not yet over, and that there were at least 161 games left for the Orioles to play, he held his ground.

“Yeah, I just don’t see them doing anything.” The interview was cut short when Scarsdale clearly became irritated, and while briefly looking up from his phone, condescendingly added, “I mean….it’s six…………………to two.  You do the math.”

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