According To Men, There Are Actually Four Things More Boring Than Water


(Study) Results of an annual survey done by the prestigious men’s magazine, LIMEFRONT reveal that water is actually not the most boring thing in the world. In fact, according to the over 17,000 men polled, there are four things more boring. To be specific, “being asked to drink a glass of water” is Number Five on the list of the most boring things in all of life.

Those surveyed were males over the age of five who live in the United States. Below is the list of items that made the top ten.

10) Sigorney Weaver

9) Kale

8) The Magazine Rack At Sprouts

7) Having To Fold Blankets

6) “Eats” (The Denny’s Television Network)

5) Being Asked To Drink A Glass Of Water

4) Music That Features The Zither

3) Most Varieties Of Papaya

2) The Urbane Cafe

1) Trivia Regarding The Band Buckcherry

(The full list can be viewed at

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