Plan To Make U.S. 101/State Route 23 Reconstruction Project “Complete Shit Show” A Blazing Success

(Community Voices) If the plan was to make the heavily-used U.S. Highway 101/State Route 23 interchange in Thousand Oaks “a complete shit show” during its period of reconstruction, then it has been “a blazing success”, according to local commuters. While Caltrans, who is spearheading the project, remains focused on the fact that the widening of the 101 Freeway in that area will ultimately ease traffic congestion and improve safety for the more than 170,000 motorists who travel through the area daily, motorists “don’t really give a shit about that right now”, says Stacey Dixon of Calabasas.


“If they wanted to create a terrifying experience for commuters, mission accomplished,” Dixon continued.

Mark O’Reily of Newbury Park agrees. “These days, as I drive Southbound on the 101 approaching Hamphire Road, I wear a helmet.”

“One of the problems is that the lane connecting CA-23 to US-101 seems to have been constructed by someone who has no eyes,” griped Charles Waters of Westlake Village. “Coming on to the 101 from the 23, you’re just all the sudden sharing a lane with another car. I would honestly feel safer driving at Saugus Speedway.”


Caltrans, the Ventura County Transportation Commission, and the City of Thousand Oaks are partners on the $43 million project, which will not be completed until Spring, 2016.

“Meanwhile,” says Waters, “I will just have to deal with diarrhea each morning.”

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