New Poll: 0% Like It When Someone is Tailgating Them

trafficviolations6(Study) Shocking results of a new poll released Thursday show that a whopping 0% of the population like it when a driver tailgates them. “It’s surprising because tailgating is so popular right now,” says Cal-Trans commissioner Cory Reynolds. The poll, which was conducted in May of 2017 by The Southern California Standard of Living Research Corporation (CSLR), asked one thousand motorists if they liked it when they were being tailgated by another driver. 58% of those polled were women, 32% were men, and 10% of those who participated gave answers regarding their gender identity that have yet to be recognized by Merriam-Webster. “Everyone hates it,” continued Reynolds, “but a lot of people do it consistently.” Julie Moss, the assistant president of CSLR thinks she understands why tailgating is still so prevalent: “Many people just don’t give a shit about the experience other people are having. They are in their own worlds and they only care about themselves.”

Years ago, the “Three Second Rule” was taught in high school driving courses, wherein drivers gauge a safe distance between themselves and the car in front of them by timing objects on the side of the road a full three seconds. Moss said that rule is “ancient history” and was “of a time when people were not so increasingly out of their minds.”


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