Man Who Owns ‘Smart Car’ Insists Women Still Find Him Attractive


(Local News) During a casual luncheon on Thursday, San Diego resident Daniel Winslow, who owns and drives a Smart Car, adamantly declared that women still find him sexually attractive. Winslow, 31, works as an assistant office coordinator for a small internet advertising firm located in Imperial Beach, California. “I go on a lot of dates, believe you me,” shot back Winslow, when asked if his new ride was having a negative impact on his love life. “And the women I hook up with are hot, too. You should see ’em,” continued Winslow, “they are beautiful.”

While his current status on Facebook is ‘single’, Winslow says he is in no hurry to settle down: “This is the best time in my life. I suppose that one might say I am sowing my wild oats.”

Mike Schoenberg, a co-worker, and one of Winlow’s closest friends, said nothing to either support or dispute his buddy’s statements. “Hey, he’s a good looking guy. And he spends a lot of time at the gym,” said Schoenberg, “but I’m not one to talk about anyone’s personal business, if that’s where this is going,”

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