Neighbor Says Message on Family’s Welcome Mat “Not Consistent With Who They Really Are”


(Local) A quiet Arizona neighborhood got a little louder this week when Prescott resident Corey Bilius called out his next door neighbors for having a welcome mat that does not accurately portray who they really are.

“You can’t believe everything you read on a welcome mat”, complained Bilius, who noticed on Friday that his next door neighbors Kayla Ostermann and Rory Klem keep a mat in front of their door that reads, Welcome To Our Love Nest.

“They fight all the time”, explained Bilius, 24, who has lived next door to the couple for about three months. “My dad almost called the cops on ‘em one time, but he changed his mind.”

Bilius first saw the mat while returning a piece of mail that was erroneously delivered to him:

“I had no idea it was there because I’d never been on their property before. But then I saw it and thought to myself, ‘Oh right, this is a love nest for sure. More like a fight nest!’ I mean, it struck me as being a very dishonest message, not consistent with who they really are.”

Added Bilius, “And I don’t know about you, but I am a big believer of honesty. Honesty is huge for me. Ask anybody.”

According to the hostess at IHOP, where Bilius spoke freely to us while waiting for his “breakfast date”, the couple in question have lived in their house for over five years and have two children.





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